Amalfi is a coastal town in the Salerno province in the Campania region of Italy. It is the centre of the famous Amalfi Coast. The best things to do in Amalfi Town is explore the town itself. While most people only think about the coastline, you will find a variety of historical and cultural places to visit in Amalfi Town. It is a charming town with a chill vibe and majestic sights.

This town was the capital of the Duchy of Amalfi and became an important maritime trading power. Some of the most impressive Amalfi tourist attractions are the result of this wealth. You will see the houses of the rich families of the town. These houses exhibit elaborate architecture and incredibly rich interior decor.

These are the most beautiful things to see in Amalfi Town. These houses have huge gardens with intricate carvings, sculptures, and structures. They are also decorated with artworks, frescoes, and stately fine arts.

The wealth also contributed to the development of magnificent buildings including churches, ports, markets, and more. These Amalfi attractions as well as the houses, exhibit a blend of several styles of architecture. These were inspired by the cultures that came from all across the Mediterranean. You will see elements of Arabian, Italian, Greek, Spanish, and Turkish styles. Although you will predominantly see Roman and Greek aesthetics when you visit Amalfi Town.

You can explore the delightful streets enjoying shopping, dining, beverages, and street food. Almost everywhere you go during Amalfi travel, you will get incredible views of the mountains and the ocean. If you are up for some outdoor fun, you can get closer to either of these natural attractions in Amalfi.

Towards the mountains, you have mesmerizing hiking trails that take you through cliffs, forests, streams, waterfalls, and even a few historical ruins. On the other end, you can head to the beach for leisure and ocean-view dining. Boat cruises and kayak rides are also among the top things to do in Amalfi Town.

This UNESCO Heritage Site town is often overlooked when people tour the Amalfi coast, but you will really admire its serenity once experience its charm.

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Top 12 Tourist Places to Visit in Amalfi Town

1. Paper Mill Museum (Museo Della Carta)

This paper museum is housed in a former mill. It is one of the most interesting places to visit in Amalfi Town as it concerns the industrial history of the town as well as connects to one of the famous families of the town.

The museum showcases equipments and machinery that were used by ancient paper mills. You will need about an hour to explore this museum when you visit Amalfi Town.

Paper Mill Museum

2. The Cloister of Paradise (Chiostro del Paradiso)

Dating back to the 13th century, this ornate structure served as the final resting place for the noble families of Amalfi. The architecture is one of the most elegant things to see in Amalfi Town. It blends styles from Arabia, Rome, and Greece.

It is also home to some of the most well-known ancient works of art among Amalfi tourist attractions. The pillars and sarcophagi in the building depict scenes from Greek mythology. You will need an hour from Amalfi travel to explore this place.

The Cloister of Paradise

3. Basilica of the Crucifix and Diocesan Museum of Amalfi (Museo Diocesano di Amalfi)

This museum is housed in the Basilica of the Crucifix, which itself is one of the most important ancient Amalfi attractions. The history of the church dates back to 596, the current structure dates back to 1100.

The museum exhibits the religious artifacts of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Amalfi Cava de Tirreni. It is one of the best things to do in Amalfi Town for those interested in ancient artworks and artifacts. You will need about an hour to explore the church and the museum.

Diocesan Museum of Amalfi

4. Amalfi Cathedral (Duomo di Amalfi)

This 9th-century Roman Catholic Cathedral is dedicated to Apostle Saint Andrew. The church also houses relics of the saint. It is one of the most magnificent places to visit in Amalfi, Italy.

The exterior features a blend of several architectural styles including Arabian, Romanesque, Byzantine, Norman, Gothic, and Baroque. The interior of the cathedral is home to several religious artifacts and historic artworks. You will need an hour or more from Amalfi sightseeing to explore the cathedral.

Amalfi Cathedral

5. Torre dello Ziro

This hiking trail sits a little outside the town. But it is one of the top things to do in Amalfi Coast if you want to venture out. The path is nice and pleasant. You will be surrounded by great scenery.

The path leads to a ruined castle, which is a great sight by itself. You will need to take 2 hours from Amalfi sightseeing to walk this trail.

Torre dello Ziro

6. Saint Andrew’s Fountain (Fontana di San Andrea)

This fountain is a historical work of art and one of the most popular things to see in Amalfi. The fountain was sculpted in the 17th century. It depicts Saint Andrea surrounded by several aquatic creatures. The fountain pays homage to the town and you should take a few minutes from Amalfi Travel to admire it.

Saint Andrew’s Fountain

7. Boat Cruise, Kayaking, & Water Activities

How can a trip to the Amalfi coast be complete without exploring the ocean? Head to the port of the town, which is an Amalfi Town attraction in its own right, to get on a boat cruise.

The journey takes you to the ocean to enjoy views of the boundless ocean. You can also take a sunrise, dinner, and sunset cruises. If you are the more adventurous kind, you can take kayaks to explore the oceans when you visit Amalfi Town. With either choice, you need at least an hour for this experience.

Here below I am mentioning the top-rated Water Activities that you should try in Amalfi Town as per your interest.

Water Activities in Amalfi Town

8. Amalfi Town Beach

The Amalfi beach has a floating town cascading down from the mountain on one side and the magnificent ocean on the other. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Amalfi Town.

You can come here to relax by the sea, go for a swim, or enjoy a meal or a drink at the ocean-view food joints. You can easily spend an hour or so at the beach in Amalfi Town.

Amalfi Town Beach

9. Ruga Nova Mercatorum (Via dei Mercanti)

This is perhaps the most happening street in the town. It is the most popular Amalfi Town tourist attraction for shopping and dining. There are tons of shops selling all kinds of things. You can easily find interesting souvenirs to take home. You will also find a variety of cuisines and beverages to enjoy on this street.

Ruga Nova Mercatorum

10. Villa Rufolo

The villa is located in the town of Ravello, about 20-30 minutes from Amalfi Town. It was built in the 13th century and still retains much of its original architecture. You will also see lush 19th-century interiors. It is also known for its elaborately designed gardens.

It is not exactly an Amalfi Town tourist attraction, but you should still visit this villa to see how the elite families of these coastal towns lived during the 18th and 19th centuries. You will need about 2 hours to make a trip to tour the historical villa and return to Amalfi.

I suggest you should go for a Guided Walking Tour of Ravello Town.

Villa Rufolo

11. Valle dei Mulini

This hike takes you into the magical coastal forest with incredible sights. It is one of the best things to do in Amalfi coast for nature lovers. It is also a great place to click otherworldly pictures.

The trail has amazing sights including waterfalls, ravines, gorges, and ancient ruins. You will need 2 to 3 hours from Amalfi sightseeing to venture on this trail.

I suggest you should book a Walking Tour of Valle dei Mulini along with the Valle delle Ferriere Nature Reserve in advance.

Valle dei Mulini

12. Villa Cimbrone Gardens

This is yet another historic village in Ravello. It is now turned into a hotel with modern amenities. But, it still retains its 19th-century splendour. You can explore several parts of the hotel to see magnificent artwork, interior decor, and furniture. It is one of the best places to visit near Amalfi Town.

The villa is especially known for its expansive and intricately designed gardens. The statues, busts, sculptures, and art installations are an incredible sight. You will need about an hour to tour the place.

Villa Cimbrone Gardens

If you are looking for more things to see in Amalfi Town, check out the section below. We have compiled a complete list of all the attractions and activities that you can enjoy in the town and around it. Read on!

Things to do in Amalfi Town, Italy

Monuments, Museums & Historical Places to Visit in Amalfi Town, Italy

  1. Villa Rufolo
  2. Duomo di Amalfi
  3. Villa Cimbrone Gardens
  4. Museo della Carta
  5. Duomo di Ravello
  6. Torre della Ziro
  7. Chiostro del Paradiso
  8. Il Duoglio Spiaggia
  9. Church of Saint John the Apostle of the Torro
  10. Antico Arsenale della Republica
  11. Coral Museum
  12. Diocesan Museum of Amalfi
  13. Saint Andrew’s Fountain
  14. Collegiate Santa Maria Maderna
  15. Church of Saint Mary to Gradillo
  16. Chiesa di San Salvatore de Birecto
  17. Santuario Santa Maria del Bando
  18. Chiesa di San Giovani Battista
  19. Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Amalfi
  20. Santurio dei Santi Cosma e Damiano
  21. La Caravella Art Gallery
  22. Dalla Carta alla Cartolina

Nature & Wildlife Tourist Spots in Amalfi Town, Italy

  1. Valle dei Mulini
  2. Valle des Ferrieres

Entertainment & Leisure Tourist Spots in Amalfi Town, Italy

  1. Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium
  2. Lido di Ravello Beach Club
  3. Spiaggia di Atrani
  4. Lido Degli Artisti
  5. Casa Vinicola Ettore Sammarco Ravello
  6. Giardini Principessa di Piemonte
  7. Enotavola Wine Bar

Shopping in Italy

  1. Ruga Nova Mercatorum
  2. Via Pietro Capuano
  3. Via Lorenzo D’Amalfi

Beaches in Amalfi Town, Italy

  1. Amalfi Town Beach
  2. Tonino’s Beach
  3. Lido della Serene
  4. Mar di Cobalto
  5. Mandingo Beach

Offbeat Places, Tours, & Adventure in Amalfi Town, Italy

  1. Hiking
  2. Kayaking
  3. Boat Cruise

Food, Dining, Restaurants, & Street Food in Amalfi Town, Italy

  1. Sea Waves Bar
  2. Da Gemma
  3. Marina Grande
  4. Taverna Buonvicino
  5. L’Aside
  6. Al Cancelleto
  7. La Piazetta
  8. Sensi
  9. Taverna degli Apostoli
  10. Cuoppo D’Amalfi
  11. Da Maria
  12. Antica Trattoria
  13. La Caravella
  14. Locanda del Mariano

Where to Stay in Amalfi Town?

Here we have listed Top Rated Luxurious, Mid-Range and Budget Hotels in Amalfi Town. You can check below listed hotels for your perfect stay in Amalfi Town.

Luxurious Hotels

  1. Anantara Convento di Amalfi Grand Hotel
  2. Villa Guarracino
  3. Amalfi Holiday Resort
  4. Hotel Marina Riviera
  5. Villa Santa Maria – Luxury Villa
  6. Hotel Aurora
  7. Hotel Residence Amalfi
  8. Hotel Amalfi
  9. Hotel Miramalfi
  10. Hotel Villa Felice Relais


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How to Reach Amalfi Town, Italy?

By Air

The closest airports to visit Amalfi Town are Naples International Airport and Salerno Costa d’Amalfi. The Salerno airport is closer but receives flights from only a few destinations in Europe. Naples Airport receives direct flights from several cities in Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa.

You can rent a cab or take a bus to get to Amalfi Town from either of these cities.

By Road

The Amalfi Town does not have direct train services. But you can take trains to Naples and Salerno and then take a bus for Amalfi travel.

If you planning to rent a car to reach Amalfi Town, you should head for route SS163. This route runs along the Amalfi Coast and through the town.

By Water

You can get ferries from Naples and Salerno to visit Amalfi. The town also connects with several other destinations on the Amalfi Coast by ferries including Capri, Ischia, Minori, Positano, and Sorrento.

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