Hot and Sticky and Sweet

What a month! Like the majority of Newfoundlanders, I don’t have an air conditioner as there usually isn’t much need: our summer temperatures normally sit around 20-24℃ (70-75℉) with perhaps 2-3 days of high heat. But like the rest of the world, we are experiencing extremely high temperatures (30sC / high 80sF). And as I’m mostly made of sugar, jelly, BS & asthma), I can’t function in hot weather. I have at least 1 fan for every room. But most of the time, I’m just sitting on my couch with 3 fans pointed at me. Two are fairly new. But the one that does the best job is a old yellow metal 1960’s model I bought at a recent yard sale. Although she sounds like a jet engine, man! Can she blow! Here’s a depiction of me relaxing in front of the fan:Trying to read captions on Netflix as I can’t hear a thing over the sound of Old Yeller!Before the really high heat struck, strawberry season happened and I went to a local U-pick. With the addition of some rhubarb, I froze some, made jam, tarts, muffins, a cobbler and a failed but still tasty cake. Yummy!But one of my favorite things to preserve for winter is rhubarb/strawberry syrup. You simply add a little water to rhubarb & strawberries (I use a 4-1 ratio R to S), add some sugar to your taste (mine is slightly tart), stew this, strain into bottles; and when you’re ready to use, pour over ice and add sparkling water (on a 1 to 3 ratio or to your taste). [Tis’ also grand added to a G’n’T😜] And it’s such a wonderful hit-of-summer in the middle of winter!I have managed to walk the brook path most every day (which someone has named Rusty’s Run) as long as I go early morning or just before sunset. The bugs can be a bit fierce, but it’s always cooler, quieter and so serene in amongst the trees and ferns.   Temperatures this week are supposed to be slightly lower, but now the humidity has begun to set in!  So, I shall have to endure the roar of Old Yeller for a while yet.Stay cool and hydrated, my friends. Namaste!


 Sorry! I thought I could return to a normal schedule. But my sense of ‘normal’ has changed. After the past 5 years of various ailments, they have all added up to a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.I’m in my 3rd week of a flare-up.  Besides all the symptoms shown on the photo to the right, my sleep is disrupted by pain so that after only an hour or 2 of being awake, I feel like I need a nap! It’s not fun!There’s a sense of relief in that I finally know what I’m dealing with and, therefore, what I should do about it. (The fact that there is no cure and no warning of flare-ups and this is the way it will be for the rest of my life means I do whatever it takes!) I’ve joined some online groups and am adapting my daily routine to include more down time, more meditation & yoga, less stress and more cannabis. (That’s the only medicine that works on me without the nasty side effects of the other stuff I use.)But I think one of the things I must let go of is this blog. That’s not to say I won’t check in on you all. And if someday this ailment gets under control and I gain more energy, I’ll check back in with you all.Thanks for being my blogging friends. You have been and will continue to be a source of joy for me. 

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