Bangor is a seaside resort city in the County Down of Northern Ireland. It is a popular retreat from Belfast owing to its beautiful coastline. The majority of fun things to do in Bangor revolve around beaches and the coastline. You can come here to enjoy spa retreats, sunbathing, beach sports, water sports, boat cruises, and so on. People often visit Bangor as a day trip or a weekend trip from Belfast.

Alongside leisure, there are also quite a few historical places to visit in Bangor. You can visit the classically designed Bangor Castle and gardens. People can explore the historically and culturally significant Bangor Abbey which dates back to the 6th century. It is one of the most important things to see in Bangor. You will also get to visit coastal military sites that were active during the second world war. There are also several small museums, art galleries, and historical monuments to see during Bangor sightseeing.

You will also be treated with a scenic coastline with a lot of activities to do in Bangor, Northern Ireland. The city has a beautiful pier bristle with luxury boats. You can also enjoy amazing seaside boardwalks, amusement parks, sightseeing spots, restaurants, markets, and nightlife venues.

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Top 6 Tourist Places to Visit in Bangor, Northern Ireland

1. Bangor Castle Walled Garden

This huge country house was built in 1852 and was designed by William Burn. The house was occupied by a prominent political Ward family. It is one of the most opulent places to visit in Bangor, Northern Ireland.

The house and the gardens are known for their architecture and design. It retains much of its Elizabethan and Jacobean revival. The house retains many artefacts belonging to its original occupants, the Ward Family. You will need about 2 hours from Bangor sightseeing to tour this historic house.

Bangor Castle Walled Garden

2. Bangor Abbey

This monastery was founded in 588 A.D. by Saint Comgall. It is one of the most important historical Bangor attractions. The monastery has been at the centre of many religious and cultural events in the city.

It was destroyed and rebuilt several times over the ages. As you explore this monastery, you will find pieces of history from different periods. You will need about an hour from Bangor travel to tour this place.

Bangor Abbey

3. Crawfordsburn Country Park

This park is a great Bangor tourist attraction for its beaches as well as its historical significance. The park is home to the Grey Point Fort. This fort served as a coastal battery during WWII. Now it is a military museum.

The park is also popular for a lot of fun things to do in Bangor, Northern Island. It is home to some of the best beaches and ocean views in the Belfast region. You can easily spend a couple of hours wholeheartedly exploring the 3.5 km coastline when you visit Bangor.

Crawfordsburn Country Park

4. Pickie Funpark

This is a small amusement park with fun activities to do in Bangor, Northern Island for children. It has a paddling pool, electric cars, minigolf, and a few other rides. It is a nice place if you want to entertain the children for a few hours.

Pickie Funpark

5. Ward Park

The park is spread over 37 acres and has facilities for leisure and sports. The park has green space, picnic spots, a pond, and tennis courts. But it is best known for hosting events and concerts.

The park has hosted Snow Patrol, Eminem, The Script, D12, The World, and several other artists. You should check the local listing for events in the park.

Ward Park

6. Helen’s Tower

This lookout tower was built by the 5th Baron of Dufferin and Claneboye in the 19th century. He named it after his mother. It is one of the most interesting things to see in Bangor. The Baron intended the tower as a shrine for poems.

Tennyson’s poetry Helen’s Tower is dedicated to this monument. The tower is also a wonderful example of the Scottish Baronial Revival style of architecture. You will need an hour to explore this tower.

Helen's Tower

If you are looking for more places to go in Bangor check out the section below. We have put together a list of all the attractions and activities to do in and around Bangor, Northern Ireland.

Things to do in Bangor

Monuments, Museums & Historical Places to Visit in Bangor

  1. North Down Museum
  2. Bangor Castle & Walled Garden
  3. McKee Clock
  4. Grey Point Fort
  5. Bangor Abbey
  6. Helen’s Tower
  7. Somme Museum
  8. Cockle Row Cottages
  9. Mew Island Lighthouse

Nature & Wildlife Tourist Spots in Bangor

  1. Balloo Woodlands
  2. Belfast Lough
  3. Copeland Bird Observatory

Entertainment & Leisure Tourist Spots in Bangor

  1. Ward Park
  2. Bangor Marina
  3. Crawfordsburn Country Park
  4. Bangor Aurora Aquatic & Leisure Complex
  5. Eddie Irvine Sports
  6. Pickie Funpark
  7. Eisenhower Pier
  8. Castle Park
  9. The Ark Open Farm
  10. Groomsport Harbour

Shopping in Bangor

  1. Flagship Centre
  2. Bloomfield Centre
  3. Springhill Shopping Centre
  4. Deiniol Shopping Centre
  5. Menai Shopping Centre
  6. Bangor Downtown
  7. Menai Retail Park

Beaches in Bangor

  1. Ballyholme Beach
  2. North Down Coastal Path
  3. Crawfordsburn Beach
  4. Copeland Island
  5. Mew Island

Offbeat Places, Tours, & Adventures in Bangor

  1. Hiking
  2. Beach Activities

Food, Dining, Restaurants, & Street Food in Bangor

  1. Coyles
  2. Ava Wine Bar
  3. Rabbit Rooms
  4. Wolsey’s Bar
  5. The Station Diner
  6. Phezulu
  7. The Imperial Bar
  8. Fifty Two
  9. Wosley’s Bar
  10. The Salty Dog
  11. Rose & Chandler
  12. Donegans
  13. King Street Kitchen
  14. Jenny Watts
  15. Coffee Rustler
  16. Fealty’s
  17. Heatherlea
  18. Jamaica Inn
  19. Mauds
  20. Cafe Ceol
  21. Caproni
  22. Betty Blacks
  23. Blu BBQ
  24. Mocha
  25. Little Wing Pizza

Where to Stay in Bangor?

Here we have listed Top Rated Hotels in Bangor. You can check the below-listed hotels for your perfect stay in Bangor.

  1. Shelleven Guest House
  2. Clandeboye Lodge Hotel
  3. The Old Inn, Crawfordsburn
  4. Princetown Guesthouse
  5. The Cairn Bay Lodge
  6. Ennislare Guest House
  7. Premier Inn Bangor (Northern Ireland) hotel
  8. The Nines
  9. Bangor (Northern Ireland) Hotel
  10. Strangford Arms Hotel


How to Reach Bangor?

By Air

The closest airport to visit Bangor is the George Best Belfast City Airport (15 minutes away) and Belfast International Airport (40 minutes away). You can take a train or bus from Belfast to reach Bangor.

By Road

You can use the Portadown line to get to Bangor by train. The route directly connects with Carnalea, Helen’s Bay, Belfast, Adelaide, Titanic, Seahill, Lisburn, and several others. You can also get buses from several towns and cities in Northern Ireland for Bangor travel.

If you want to reach Bangor by road, you should head for route A2 or A21.

By Water

There are no direct water routes for Bangor travel.

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