Sitting on the Mediterranean coast of Israel, Mount Carmel is a place of both natural beauty and historical importance. Often referred to as the “Mountain of God,” it holds significance in the Abrahamic traditions, particularly in the Old Testament. Mount Carmel’s prominence is immortalized in the story of the Prophet Elijah’s confrontation with the prophets of Baal, a moment that resonates with both Jewish and Christian narratives. The mountain, which is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, boasts a lush natural environment that contrasts with its arid surroundings. Your motor coach will then make its way toward the Sea of Galilee and Tiberias, and after lunch you’ll stop at Yardenit, where the Jordan River separates from the Sea of Galilee. Finally, you’ll ascend the Golan Heights to Hamat Gader, where the borders of Syria, Jordan, and Israel meet, offering breathtaking vistas of the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan Valley and Northern Galilee. The “Haifa, Galilee & Golan Heights” tour is available on Star Collector: Pilgrimage to the Holy Land and Beyond: Israel, Greece and Turkey.