School Librarians: One of a Student's Best Resources

Educators and students, don’t forget to tap into one of your best resources as you begin this school year…your school librarian! 

In today’s school libraries, you can find lively, vibrant spaces focused on learning and community. A school librarian provides personalized learning environments and offers equitable access to resources to ensure a well-rounded education for every learner.

What exactly can your school librarian do for you?

School librarians: 

As you contemplate what school resources and supplies you need this year, remember, the school librarian is one of the best resources available to you. Be sure to stop by the school library and say hi. We love that. What we love even more is supporting our communities. We are here all year long to help you reach your goals! 

Courtney Pentland is a high school librarian in Lincoln, Nebraska. She is adjunct faculty for the University of Nebraska-Omaha School Library program and has served on the Nebraska School Librarians Association board as board member at large, president, and chapter delegate to AASL. She is the 2023-2024 American Association of School Librarians President.