I called it…

The market is experiencing an inevitable pullback.

This comes after one of the strongest six-month rallies in the S&P 500 — within the last 30 years.

Like I said last week, this pullback is due to a combination of geopolitical concerns in the Middle East, and fears that the Federal Reserve will take longer than expected to cut interest rates, thanks to inflation.

But think of this as a bull market correction, rather than a “world-ending” market event.

I’m looking at the longer-term investing opportunities of artificial intelligence (AI), cryptocurrency, biotech and other massive mega trends that will bring us higher returns by the end of this decade.

So today, Amber and I are taking a closer look at the tech market’s potential impact on the U.S. economy, an update on bitcoin (BTC) after its fourth halving — and the biggest highlights from the eMerge Tech Expo, a conference I attended on Friday.

This expo not only showcased some of the most cutting-edge developments for ChatGPT and robotics…

But also one of the biggest promises of AI, and its impact on the workforce…

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 🔥 Hot Topics in Today’s Video:

  • Market News: With U.S. inflation remaining sticky, what sector are investors moving their money into? [1:09]
  • Market Prediction: Four of the “Magnificent Seven” of tech stocks will report earnings this week. Considering tech’s contribution to U.S. economic growth this past year, how might this influence the direction of the economy? [7:19]
  • Tech Trends: I share everything I learned from the eMerge Tech Expo in Miami, FL. (Hint: ChatGPT, generative AI and robotics were major highlights!) [8:16]
  • Crypto Corner: The bitcoin halving is complete! Where will the crypto market go from here? And why is bitcoin such an interesting asset to investors? [13:30]

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Ian King
Editor, Strategic Fortunes