Military child-care fees vary according to family income and the local market rate. The market categories are low, standard or high. The installation commander chooses which one applies locally.

Fees for Defense Department child care change with the new school year. (An update to the rate calculation in 2023-2024 delayed the change.)

The weekly rate is $340 in 2023-2024 for non-service members, such as military contractors, whose children may attend DoD child care on a space-available basis. The cap on assistance for service members’ children to attend community-based providers is $1,800 per child per month.

DoD officials told that the military services must implement the new rates by a certain date each year, typically Oct. 1. Check with your on-base, child-care office to find out which market rate applies.

Here are the DoD child care fees for the 2023-2024 school year:

Defense Department Child Care Fees for 2023-2024
Category total family income  standard weekly fee per child low market option high market option
I $1–$45,000 $54 $45 $56
II $45,001–$55,000 $61 $51 $63
III $55,001–$65,000 $74 $62 $77
IV $65,001–$77,500 $88 $74 $91
V $77,501–$90,000 $104 $88 $108
VI $90,001–$102,500 $121 $102 $126
VII $102,501–$115,000 $138 $116 $143
VIII $115,001–$130,000 $155 $130 $161
IX $130,001–$145,000 $175 $147 $182
X $145,001–$160,000 $195 $164 $203
XI $160,001+ $215 $181 $224

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