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The Healing Power of Friendship

Our thoughts are transferred into our biology, which means generosity, service, and altruism make us healthier from the inside out while giving us more joy

Is drinking hot water good for you?

I find nothing more refreshing than sipping on a cool glass of water during a scorching summer dayor even cold days. It quenches my thirst

Flu season – Dos & Don’ts

The influenza virus (or commonly known as the flu) affects most of us each year. And like clockwork, flu season has returned once again. While

Natural Oils for Radiant Skin

When we think of “nature versus nurture”, we typically associate it with psychological studies. Have you ever considered applying the same principle to your skin?

Asha Like It…

Asha Bhosle is one of those rare gems in the Indian film scene who has spent 80 years in the musical world and is also