In case you missed it, yesterday Windstar President Chris Prelog shared a now-official and no-longer-secret announcement of good news: Windstar will be acquiring two motor-yacht ships, to debut in December 2025 and 2026. The 224-passenger yachts, one of which is new and the other, identical in design, just a few years old, will increase capacity by 33 percent over the existing fleet and give Windstar the flexibility to ultimately explore new regions.

“Since we announced the acquisition yesterday, we’ve heard so much excitement about the fact that Windstar is growing again,” Prelog told us yesterday. “They are excited that we are staying true to our roots with what we know that our guests love about Windstar — its intimacy.”

Even better? For those travelers who already love the small ship Windstar experience, Star Seeker and Star Explorer will feel just like home.

“These will be full-on Windstar ships,” Prelog says, noting that in both cases, ships will receive Windstar-specific additions that are consistent with Star Pride, Star Legend and Star Breeze, its other motor yachts.  “They will offer a full-on Windstar experience, where everything you know will be onboard. That means our great crew, facilities, service, marina, ambience, dining options, open bridge policy – and even our popular whirlpool on the bow.

“Better yet, many of the suites in our two new all-suite ships will have real verandas.”

Since the announcement, we’ve gotten, as you might expect, lots of great questions. We share answers below. Got a fresh question? Drop it into the comments and we’ll get back to you.

When will the ships be online and bookable?

Star Seeker is under construction now. Star Explorer was built in 2019 and will undergo extensive modifications. Both are all-suite motor yachts.

In June 2024 we plan to have itineraries confirmed and bookable for Star Seeker; the ship will be delivered to Windstar in December 2025. Star Explorer will be delivered in December 2026 and cruises will begin operation in January 2027. We’ll keep you posted about when these voyages will be available for sale.  

What is the capacity of each ship?

Each ship carries up to 224 guests and 130 crew

Rendering of Star Seeker and Star Explorer

Tell us about the suites onboard

Will there be a watersports platform for water activities?

Yes, we are building a yacht-style platform on the stern with staircase access from deck 4; the water sports platform is about 12 feet in width. Kayaks, paddleboards, floating mats and other equipment will be brought out for guests to use.

What restaurants will be on board?

Where will we meet for a drink and to socialize?

What will wellness and spa look like on Star Seeker and Star Explorer

What about the popular ice cream machine found on the Star Class ships?

You bet! We will have a self-serve ice cream machine on board – our president wouldn’t have it any other way.